Why I Chose The Faster Way To Fat Loss

High fat, low fat, no carbs, all carbs, one meal a day, 18 meals a day…MAKE IT STOP! In a world full of resources It seems like there a thousand options for what “works” as far as weight loss and nutrition is concerned. I got to a point in November of last year where I wasn’t concerned anymore with what the scale said. I didn’t give a rip if I had to size up or down and I REFUSED to let the fashion design industry (which is wack by the way) have any say in how valuable I was. Let’s get that out there first!

I had a sweet girl named Kristen approach me in December about this nutrition program she wanted me to try called the FASTer Way To Fat Loss. She said It would be 7 weeks and I could still eat donuts, gluten and dairy so I said SURE WHY NOT! I didn’t start It with the intentions of losing a ton of weight because, as previously mentioned, I wasn’t too concerned about that. But what I did know is that I didn’t FEEL good…at all. I was tired, sluggish, foggy-headed and bloated pretty much 24/7. So if that could change, cool! But I was TERRIFIED I couldn’t do It. I never had success at anything like this before. Whole30 was about a Whole6 for me and Keto was a KetNO. But I figured I would try one last thing, It couldn’t hurt and if I paid $199 for It that would for SURE be motivation to make sure I stuck with It and didn’t lose that money.

Here were my before photos:

I was still ME. I was Anna and I loved that girl, every square inch of her and the strength she had. And that’s exactly why I did this program, BECAUSE I loved her.

I had a MASSIVE freak out moment in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s the day before prep week started. “What in the HELL is a macro?” “I can’t cook.” “I don’t have time to meal prep.” “I don’t want to sacrifice my love of food to get healthy…FORGET IT” “I CAN’T DO THIS.”

Doubt, fear, insecurity, you name It…they all happened. You know why? Those things love to show their ugly heads right before something amazing is about to happen. Right before you’re about to do something big.

THREE DAYS IN and the hardest part was the fasting. I was always the type to need to have food an hour after my feet hit the floor or I was going to throw up. I would have my coffee every morning and the second the clock struck 12 I was breaking my fast as fast as I could. The eating was actually easy for me. I did a lot of pre-packaged meals from Trader Joe’s and ate out every meal for lunch so snacking is what really helped me round out my macros every-day.

I was doing It, I was actually DOING IT! Counting my macros became a part of my morning routine and something that I loved trying to get near perfect. I noticed I wasn’t reaching for the afternoon coffee because I didn’t hit an afternoon lull. My clothes were starting to fit loose and my rings were spinning around my fingers.

FOUR WEEKS IN and this was normal life at this point. I had tacos and margaritas with my girlfriends, I ate cinnamon rolls, Chick Fit A and I didn’t feel deprived. In fact most days I was eating what felt like too much to meet my macros. I decided to take some progress pictures to keep track of my work and was SHOCKED when I compared the two.

Progress Photos:

What I learned through this program is that nutrition (and life) is about BALANCE and balance creates sustainability. FWTFL was sustainable. I wasn’t counting down the days for It to be over or having dreams of foods that I could finally eat again. The entire program is about what you eat, how much of It you eat and WHEN you eat It. It guides you through all of that. You don’t have to be a nutritionist or a gourmet chef to do this but you HAVE to do It. Stick to It and don’t make excuses. If you do those things, your results will be INCREDIBLE because It is your body responding to you taking care of It.

It would’ve been ridiculous for me to go into this wanting to be a size 2 because my best friend is a size 2 or because all of the bloggers I follow are a size 2. I AM NOT A SIZE 2. That wouldn’t be ME. I’m a size 6-8ish because when I’m feeding my body exactly what It needs and taking care of It…that’s how It responds. Let your body respond how It needs to and listen to It! If that means that you’re a size 10 when you’re taking care of yourself, honey you better WERK that size 10, because it’s YOU!

I’ll save the sermon…for now. If you never do these things, I’m telling you because I did It, you can. It’s easy and life changing. Two things not often used together. And if you ALWAYS try things like this, you can also do this…because it’s different than everything else, I promise.

The next round starts August 19th which means prep week starts on August 12th and we are only accepting 30 new clients so grab your spot! That’s your practice and learning week so don’t freak out that it’s in a few days…you’ve got this! Sign up here and be sure to put Kristen Mills as your coach, because not all coaches are created equally and she is the MVP (literally number one in the company) and for good reason!

After: Down 18 pounds in six weeks and feeling better than EVER.




Who Is The Internet Troll

Have you ever been in a crowded place, maybe a downtown area, and everyone is going their own way and minding their own business and all of a sudden you hear this faint yelling? All of a sudden you find yourself being yelled at by a crazy person that isn’t making any sense. Maybe they’re not even yelling at YOU personally but you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I’ll give you an example. I was in New York with some girlfriends and we walked out of a restaurant waiting for our Uber and a man from across the street started yelling at us. He called me a racist. He called all sorts of names. He made fun of my hair color, my skin color and the list goes on. You know what I did? Walked. Away. BYE FELICIA! YOU DON’T KNOW ME! In those cases most people, myself included, are kind of just thinking “Okaaaay I’m going to go over here this way YOU NUT.” You laugh and move on…right?

What if you took what that person said to you to heart. Ridiculous, right? This person doesn’t KNOW you. They have seen you for a small amount of time and only in one place, in one context. What if I went home and cried that night and cried because someone called me a racist and I know for a fact that’s not me. How stupid would that be? There’s no logic to it! Now if my husband said those things about me, someone who knows me…I should take It to heart.

Insert: internet trolls. They are the crazy person yelling nonsense on Bleecker Street in New York. THAT’S WHO TROLLS ARE. So today, I got the meanest message from someone and It was straight up hurtful…but the second I compared them to the crazy guy in New York…I laughed. It was a freeing epiphany. I didn’t allow them to get to me. They don’t even know me! My mom used to tell me that hurt people, hurt people. And that’s just It. I used to be lying when I would get a mean message and would respond with “I feel bad for them” because I didn’t…I felt bad for me. But now,  I FOR REAL only feel bad for them. You never take the things the crazy guy on the street yells at you, so don’t take the things the crazy person behind the keyboard yells at you. It’s not worth your time.

A reminder so simple yet so needed is this: be kind. Whether someone deserves It or not is irrelevant and not up to you to decide truthfully. Any ounce of bitterness or anger you hold against someone doesn’t hurt them, It hurts you. If you feel that anger or bitterness when a story or post of theirs shows up in your feed. UN-FOL-LOW! I Marie Kondo my Instagram feed on the reg. And if I unfollow someone, it’s not their fault it’s more than likely mine! Maybe I’ll come back to them when I’m in a different place. But if you’re not careful, before you know It, you’re a crazy guy yelling at strangers on Bleecker Street with the Instagram handle of @hsjffsld and let’s be honest…no one likes that guy.

I don’t know if this was for anyone or more so just for me. But that’s what this little corner of the internet is for so thanks for listening if you made It this far, love you long time.

The Story of Banks

I have never had a dog. I had siblings instead, I mean hello six girls and two boys. Nathan has always had dogs, at times multiples so I would consider him a pro. When we met, we had talked back and forth about getting one of our own but hadn’t landed on when, mostly due to the fact that Nathan is incredibly allergic to them. I mean minor details, right? In college, we were at a friends house and they had a dog, that for the first time didn’t make N have an allergy attack. Once we found out It was a Maltipoo we pretty much knew that was the one, not like we had a choice but STILL we were pumped! Luckily I wanted a small dog and this one was perfect. I looked for THREE years trying to find a breeder. And trust me when I say you’ll get some really interesting leads when you google that kind of thing. I finally went to social media and found a Facebook page with the cutest freakin puppies I had ever seen and what was better than pictures were videos. Videos of the breeder talking to the dogs, showing It was in fact a real person. A lot of consistencies lined up when I reached out to Darrell and Vicki and they were the NICEST people. They are based out of Florida as well which meant we could drive to get him. I sent him my color preference and gender preference Here are a few of their rules that after looking at so many breeders, I was impressed with.

  • You put a $200 deposit down to hold your puppy. If you’re not happy with the way he turns out (sounds horrible, you should love this thing no matter what) then you can wait for the next litter.
  • They send pictures and videos of your dog every single week leading up to when you get him and my FAVORITE part about them is how they talk to these dogs. They use the ultimate baby voices and its hysterical but also goes to show that they’ll love them as much you will.
  • While they are raising the puppy, they will start the potty training AND crate training process for you. This was a GAME CHANGER! I remember picking up Banks and I asked how often we needed to stop to let him out and Darrell said ONCE. For a six hour car ride…ONCE! He said, “He won’t go to the bathroom on you, ever.” He was right! From day one he has always been totally fine in his crate and has never had an accident in It either. That’s all thanks to how they raised him before we even got him.
  • When It was time for us to get him, we planned a place to meet (they will drive 50 miles for free) and we got him! We could’ve paid a certain amount for him to meet us further and hindsight we definitely would’ve done that. He was $1200 total but that included the deposit in the beginning. We waited six months for him and It was well worth the wait.

When we got Banks he was 2 pounds and now he is close to 10 (which feels HUGE) but this is the biggest he will be. He is perfect for the small apartment that we live in and I might be (for sure am) biased but he is so smart and the absolute sweetest. His potty training was a breeze and he has always slept like an angel. Something that helped his training was the fact that I’m able to take him with me to work every day. Without that I don’t think everything would’ve been AS easy. I never wanted to get a dog if he was going to be in a crate all day, in my opinion It doesn’t seem fair.

I couldn’t recommend this breed enough and if you want him to look like a teddy bear his entire life, go to Darrell and Vicki.



Is New York at Christmas Worth the Hype?

The crowds are insane, every flight out is fully booked, prices are outrageous and all to experience the magic that is New York at Christmas. Before I went to New York in December for the first time I found myself in a conversation with one of THOSE people, you know the ones where everything they say is laced with cynicism. Probably your uncle or something. I was telling him that we were going to the big city on December 10th and I was so ready to hear how horrible the crowds were and how crazy expensive everything was and how, “He’d rather light himself on fire than go there.” but to my dismay, he stopped and looked at us and said…”It’s magical, you’re going to LOVE It!” I was SHOOK. But that’s when I knew, if HE said It was good…it’s gotta be good.

That was five years ago, and I’ve been every year since then…it’s a non-negotiable in the Page household. So here I am, sitting in a coffee shop and planning out our next trip to New York at Christmas. I can confidently say that I know how to plan this trip like a pro, I’ll help with what to do and what not might be worth the hype. This trip is similar to the one here where I walked through how to tackle the city in three days, anytime of the year. But this one has a few more things that will get you into the holiday spirit, STAT. I’ll share our itinerary below for five days in the city so you’re sure to not miss a beat.

Booking + Arrival

We always book an early flight into the city and a late flight out of it. We leave out of Atlanta and fly into LGA and there are flights going about every hour. We like to get into the city before lunch so that we have a mostly full day to see all the things! We ALWAYS stay at the Lotte New York Palace ESPECIALLY at Christmas. They are famous for their beautifully decorated lobby and the HUGE tree in the courtyard, it’s magic every time you walk downstairs. Book through Expedia, they price match and if you aren’t using Skymiles or reward tickets you can get some good flight + hotel bundle deals. With an early flight, we get to the hotel at around 10:30. When we get to the hotel we will check in and drop our bags off for holding until our room is ready–sometimes we can get in our room right away, and sometimes we have to wait.


DAY ONE – Thursday

Lunch @ Melt Shop – We go here because it’s close to the hotel AND you get to walk by Rockefeller Center and see THE TREE! Ugh, it’s the best.

Bryant Park + New York Public Library – Bryant Park has the most adorable shops set up and there’s another Christmas Tree there that is photo worthy with an ice skating rink.


Car to Washington Square Park

  • Greenwich Village
  • Coffee at Stumptown

Dinner @ John’s on Bleecker Street – I have on good word from a friend that grew up in the city that John’s is the best pizza. We thought no better way to ring in the first day with a slice or two.

Dress: Casual

Resveration: Not available.

Top of the Rock – I always say this, but it’s my favorite view as far as tourist attractions are concerned. We book our tickets with the Sun & Stars add-on, meaning you can go twice in 24 hours.

Photo Oct 22, 3 33 40 PM

DAY TWO – Friday

Breakfast @ Sarabeth’s Central Park

Dress: Business Casual

Reservation: Required, especially around the holidays. At least three weeks in advance.

Central Park

  • Boathouse – If the weather is nice, rent a canoe and take a little ride!
  • Bethesda – Cue every iconic movie ever filmed in NY. Blair and Chuck’s wedding, anyone?
  • Bridges – There are quite a few and the architecture on ALL is worthy of the walk. Stroll through the mall and see the artists and musicians, it’s so whimsy.

Upper East Side + Laduree – If you go from Bethesda and cut over to Upper East, It will put you right by some beautiful residential areas to walk through. Cut over to Laudree for the BEST macarons of your life, guaranteed.

We had plenty of time before dinner so we explored more on the Upper East Side before taking a cab back to the hotel to freshen up.

Dinner @ Carmine’s

Dress: Casual

Reservation: Required at least a week in advance. Can book up to 30 days in advance.

– This is your chance to see the charm of the Upper West Side. This is my best recommendation for family style Italian food. After we ate (too much) we walked through UWS down to Magnolia Bakery, PLEASE get the banana pudding, they’re famous for It. This location is especially charming because it’s not nearly as crowded as Rockefeller is, but equally as delicious. From here we grabbed a cab back to the hotel and called It a night. Try hailing a cab, know your cross streets and destination and use cash, cool points go up almost immediately.

DAY THREE – Saturday

Soho – We had a meeting at The Real Real and they have a cafe where we had pastries and coffee for breakfast. I wasn’t into dealing with the Saturday morning brunch crew. We walked in and out of all the shops in SOHO, walked the cobblestone streets and stopped (again) in Laduree for more macarons, because we have our priorities in order.


Lunch @ Shake Shack – This is the original location in Madison Square Park so obviously It tastes better. We sat and ate in the park (they have heaters outside) and then walked a few feet over to the Flatiron Building. This is a must for a photo, so iconic!

We left this afternoon wide open and ended up doing a little shopping before heading to The Polo Bar for a late dinner, because Shake Shack will fill you up for days.

Dinner @ The Polo Bar

Dress: Business Casual

Reservation: Required in advance. Call 30 days before you want your reservation at 10AM to secure one.

I recommend getting here early and having drinks. They will seat you in an adorable little lounge and bring out snacks, you can sit and drink in front of a fireplace until your table is ready. It’s such a fun experience.

DAY FOUR – Sunday 

DUMBO + Brooklyn Bridge – There are a lot of fun things to see in this area! Dumbo is a cool view of the Manhattan bridge and from Dumbo you can get on the Brooklyn Bridge and walk the whole thing across to Manhattan. After that, it’s the perfect time to check out Chinatown, Financial District and One World Trade.

Tea at The Plaza – This is a MUST! I look forward to getting dressed up and heading to The Plaza for afternoon tea. The iconic backdrop of this afternoon adventure is so magical and creates the best memories. Plus, get all the Home Alone vibes and trespass throughout the first few floors of the Plaza…it’s worth It. We sat and talked for hours and It was just the sweetest time.

Dress: Fancy!

Reservation: Required, at least three weeks in advance.

Shopping on 5th Avenue – Once we were done with tea, It was the perfect time to stroll down this shopping destination and see the beautiful window displays and flagship stores. Then we headed back to the hotel to change for dinner.

Dinner @ Fig + Olive  – This was the perfect dinner spot after an afternoon tea. The portions are perfect for splitting so we went with apps and It was perfect. The food here is SO GOOD.

DAY FIVE – Monday 

Breakfast @ The Smith – There a couple of different locations you can go to, any of them are amazing. We chose the Upper West Side location so we could see that part of the city during the day. We walked back to the hotel to take in just a little bit more of the city and packed up our things.

Dress: Casual

Reservation: Probably a good idea.

Lunch @ The Plaza Food Hall – We went to the Food Hall in the basement of The Plaza for a quick bite, shopped some more and then headed back to the hotel to catch a cab to LGA.

There were a few things we did that are not included in the above, because let’s be real this was four months ago and my memory just isn’t that good. Because of our amazing location, we made Saks Fifth Avenue a frequent stop. The light show is so fun and I could stand and stare at that tree for hours! The fun thing about NYC at Christmas is that anything you do will feel festive because the decorations are everywhere and errybody in the Christmas spirit.

Here is a list of options for eats, drinks and things to do for any spare time you might have!


  • The Polo Bar
  • Salon De Ning (Drinks)
  • Fig + Olive
  • The Smith
  • Shake Shack
  • John’s Pizza Carmine’s
  • The Melt Shop
  • The Plaza Food Hall
  • Sarabeth’s
  • While We Were Young
  • Magnolia Bakery
  • Laduree


  • Bryant Park
  • New York Public Library
  • DUMBO + Brooklyn Bridge
  • Central Park
  • The Met
  • The High Line
  • SOHO
  • Chinatown
  • Greenwich
  • Washington Square Park
  • Flatiron District
  • Madison Square Park
  • Grand Central Station

How To Do NYC In Three Days

One of my favorite past times has become planning trips. It was kind of an accident due to the fact that the first time we ever went to NYC and decided to “wing it”, we realized that doesn’t really work. In a place like New York making sure all of the details match up so that everything is done as efficiently as possible is a MAJOR key! If you are going for a week, things are naturally more spread out, but I love a good challenge of a three or four day trip (including travel days)! I wanted to share our recent trip itineraries for those who may be considering a weekend NYC trip of their own. Some may think I’m craaazy for how specific it is, but I know I can enjoy a fun city if I don’t have to think about what’s next. When planning, I always calculate how long a walk from one point to the next will be, and this will be easiest when you know where you are staying. Below is based off where we always stay, and where I would highly recommend staying as far as accommodations and location are concerned!


We always book an early flight into the city and a late flight out of it. We leave out of Atlanta and fly into LGA and there are flights going about every hour. We like to get into the city before lunch so that we have a mostly full day to see all the things! We ALWAYS stay at the Lotte New York Palace. Not only is it iconic, but it is also a stunning hotel with the comfiest beds (very important with such a busy few days). Book through Expedia, they price match and if you aren’t using Skymiles or reward tickets you can get some good flight + hotel bundle deals. The cheapest day to travel is Saturday so try to book a Saturday to Monday or Tuesday trip.



With an early flight, we get to the hotel at around 10:30. When we get to the hotel we will check in and drop our bags off for holding until our room is ready–sometimes we can get in our room right away, and sometimes we have to wait.

This probably won’t be a huge surprise to most, but I don’t travel to New York very traditionally. I hate Times Square and am not into the Big Bus tours! If you do want to do that, there are easy spots to throw those kinds of things in.

Here we go with an easy way to see a lot in three days in New York. Whenever I plan a trip I always give myself plenty of time in between stops for the unexpected as far as getting a car, traffic or let’s be honest…getting lost, so you will notice that as well!


10:30 Check-In – Most hotels will hold your bags for you until your room is ready, drop them there and don’t waste a minute at the hotel!
11:00 Lunch at Shake Shack – Best burger ever AND it originated in New York!
12:30-4:00 Explore – We chose the following spots because if you take a taxi to Washington Square Park, the first fews spots will be within walking distance and then catch a cab for the last few if you’re feeling weak early.
– Washington Square Park – See the arch, see the fountain and see the abundance of NYU students, it’s basically their campus.
– Stumptown Coffee – Grab a latte for your walk, they’re amazing here!
– Greenwich Village – Perfect time to see some iconic brownstones and walk-ups.
– SOHO – Shop, shop, shop. Any brand worth mentioning has a store in SOHO. The cobblestone streets and refreshingly bright buildings are a sight for sore eyes, too!
– Flatiron Building

4:45-7:00 Sunset Cruise – We did a sunset cruise on a small yacht and it was the coolest way to see the city! You get a lot accomplished as far as sights are concerned since it includes a view of all sides of Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Statue of Liberty!

7:00 Dinner at Chelsea Market – This is walking distance of the Chelsea Pier, and it is more casual, but there is something for everyone.
9:30 Top of the Rock – Ok, this place is so touristy but I love it. Rockefeller is one of my buildings in New York because of the history and how iconic it is. The view from here is better (in my not-so-humble opinion) than the Empire State Building, so if you only do one, I would pick this one! Buy your tickets in advance, and when you get to the top, go all the way up where there is no glass between you and the view. There are some hidden stairs and signs that say “upper deck” that will get you there. We got the “Sun and Stars” pass so we could see it during the day and night, you’ll get a discount that way by going twice as long as it’s within 24 hours.

Photo Oct 21, 9 52 46 PM
10:30 Magnolia Bakery – There is one next to Rockefeller, and you won’t regret grabbing a late night dessert here. They are known for their banana pudding, but the cupcakes are also AMAZE.


9:00 Breakfast at SaraBeth’s Central Park – Make these reservations pretty far in advance, as they book up fast. I would recommend the fat and fluffy french toast with a mimosa. It’s a heavenly combination.

10:00-3:00 Central Park and Upper East Side – We walk through Central Park up to Bethesda Terrace/Fountain, and while you might be tempted to take a pedicab, don’t… unless you’re willing to give up your first born child for it, so just wear comfortable shoes and walk! Along the way you’ll see bridges, ponds and even ice skating. It is the most beautiful scenery, and you’re sure to find some amazing jazz music to serenade your walk. After Central Park, we will walk back through the park and get to the Upper East Side. Walking through the residential part of UES is reason enough to go there, but you will also find The Met Museum and the best macarons you’ll ever have at Laduree, guaranteed! There are beautiful store fronts and A LOT less tourists to deal with as well! After we have strolled through UES, we love to make our way back to Fifth Avenue. You’ll find iconic flagships stores and some really cool shops, so if you’re into shopping, this is a must.

3:00-4:00 Top Of The Rock – Yes, we saw this twice. We wanted to see it in the daytime and at night since you can see Central Park during the day (and in the Fall, this view is unbeatable). TOTR never seems too crowded because they are so strategic in how they do everything!

4:00-5:30 Grand Central Station – Another beautiful spot that you will want to just relish in. This one doesn’t take long but is a must see.
6:00 Dinner at The Polo Bar – We ate at The Polo Bar, which is Ralph Lauren’s restaurant and the hype was TOTALLY worth it. PRO TIP: If you are interested in making a reservation here, be sure to call them 30 days in advance at 10:00am and do not book on Open Table even though that is what the website says. They only put really early and really late reservations on Open Table so if you want to eat at a normal time, give them a call! It felt like such an exclusive place considering you couldn’t even walk in the door without a reservation! The interior is exquisite, complete with mahogany, cognac leather + plaid. It’s so RL! It is upscale American food so I got the burger, Nathan got the steak and both were phenomenal!

Photo Oct 22, 6 49 40 PM
After dinner we were determined to find a rooftop bar with a great view. NYC is known for the pretension of their rooftop bars, but once you find one…the view is totally worth the hassle. A nicer and more private option is Salon De Ning at the top of The Peninsula Hotel. Lucky for us, it is just across the street from The Polo Bar. If you walk past the main entrance to the hotel you will see a door that says “SN”, enter there and walk all the way back until you find an elevator. Take it all the way to the top and enjoy the beautiful views of Fifth Avenue.


9:00-10:00 DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge – Head to Water St. first to see the official view of DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and grab a croissant and coffee from Almondine before walking the Brooklyn Bridge. From Water St., you will walk in the opposite direction of DUMBO and walk up a hill to see signs for stairs to get onto the Brooklyn Bridge. Once you’re there just enjoy the views but be sure to walk on the left side and stay out of the bikers lane…they WILL run you over.

10:00-12:00 Exploring
– Chinatown or Little Italy if you’re into the sketchiness of either. I kind of dig the adrenaline rush that Chinatown gives.
– Financial District
– One World Trade
12:00 Check-Out – Again, when you check out just drop your luggage to do some last minute exploring before leaving.
12:30 Lunch – The Plaza hotel is dreamy just to walk in and if you need an excuse to do it, then lunch can be just that! In the basement of the hotel they have a Food Hall that has options from sub sandwiches to sushi. You get to see the hotel and grab a quick bite of really good food. Before you go, grab some donuts from Doughnuttery to snack on!

1:30 Upper West Side – You will stroll along Central Park South to Columbus Circle and head up the west side. For how many wealthy people live at Central Park South, it has always been so ironic that it smells like horse crap. Here you can see Lincoln Center, The Museum of Natural History and obviously all of the You’ve Got Mail spots.
3:00 Hotel to Airport


  1. I don’t do the Subway…rats go underground, not Page’s. If you are leaving your hotel, a bellman will hail a cab for you. If you’re not comfortable hailing one on your own, Uber and Lyft are heavily available everywhere. Taxis are not as boujee but they will definitely get you to wherever you’re going and FASTER than the other options. I am also still not convinced that there is a huge price difference between the two. Try walking everywhere though, it’s the best way to see the city! Remember that comfortable shoes are SO necessary. I’m not saying to rock your Sketchers, but make the investment into shoe inserts.
  2. It’s a grid system! The Streets are numbered, the Avenues have names and numbers. Numbers go north and south, avenues go east to west.
  3. Please, do not eat the street meat. It’s…just gross.
  4. Google maps will be your best friend but don’t start walking somewhere until you know where you’re going and if you’re trying to figure it out stand to the side. If not, you’re asking to be bumped or yelled at by a local…or potentially me.
  5. Most restaurants in New York (or at least the good ones) will require reservations at least 30 days in advance so set your alarms to make sure you get the best time slot.

Other food options:
The Bagel Store in Brooklyn (rainbow bagel, google that ish)
The Smith
Fig + Olive
Le Pain
The Melt Shop
Bryant Park Cafe
John’s Pizza for “New York Pizza”
ABC Kitchen

This is what has worked for Nathan and I and if you hustle, it’s totally possible to leave feeling satisfied! An entirely different post is being reserved for New York at Christmas, because, of course, it is a completely different trip! Happy traveling!



#Nsale Round One

Y’all…this sale felt like Christmas to me! I could not even contain my excitement! It was so difficult for me to make decisions with all of the goodness that was the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I tried to narrow down my purchases by what would last me more than three years because if I am going to spend money on something…it better be able to keep up with me!

I also gave myself room to splurge on an item that would be quality but maybe a tad out of my comfort zone! With that being said…I present to you, the boyfriend jeans! I attempted this style last year and if I’m being honest I think i missed the mark…so i ended up selling them and giving up (i have such commitment issues y’all). I went down a size in these, because they should have a baggy fit, but the size I normally wear was literally falling off! I think the key to not looking frumpy while wearing this style is to pair it with heels. I’ve seen it look AMAZING on some girls with flats (and I’ll probably try it for myself) but I’m not sold on it. Also be sure to pair it with either a cropped shirt or front tuck one, otherwise it can potentially be trashbag-ish (someone had to say it)!

I started out with an early, early access trip to Nordstrom and got a good look at the shoes (that’s the only thing I feel weird about ordering online) and then got out of there because let’s be honest I don’t have six hours to be trapped in that hole of good deals and well lit fitting rooms. But the joke was on me because after making an online order the next morning…THREE more trips followed! I have rounded up some of my favorite purchases from this sale and will be styling them within the next few weeks!

BP. Jeans (And for only $45!)

LOVE these booties!

You I got these flats in blush.

This SUPER comfy tee, because you can never have too many striped tops…especially for less than $20!

And SO excited about the Halogen ‘Waterfall’ vest, hoping they will restock it when public sale starts!

Next week I’m heading to the beach with the fam, but the second I get back it’s black nails and Fall outfit planning (also the beginning of convincing my husband for another trip to New York, wish me luck)!



Photography: Kelsey Butcher

The OTS continues…

I swore against any more off the shoulder tops…I think I might have mentioned no more chambray as well, but i mean…who’s keeping count! As much as I am ready for Fall, I couldn’t pass up this ADORABLE off-the-shoulder top!

It generally has a strapless top feel, and a little bit of an open back. I think i have a slight fear of open backs because I’m a little too practical for it…I just gotta feel like I can indulge in Mexican at ANY moment. Also, the bra situation kind of gets out of control too. What I loved about this top was that even though it had an open back concept it still covered my bra in the back where the zipper was! Anything that looks fussy but is really manageable is a win in my book.

The crop of this top was my FAVORITE! I’m 5’10” so finding anything that has a cropped look but won’t show my stomach is SO difficult. It fell just at the top my jeans making it easy to wear anywhere. Again with the practicality! It’s a curse, y’all!

I’m planning on taking this top with me to the beach next week to pair with a bold maxi skirt and I am so excited about it’s versatility. Thanks for following along, loves!



Summer Staples: The White Button-Up 

I found an old picture of myself when I was about 10 years old…and I look like I’m going to an interview. I had black slacks on, a red handbag and a blue button-up…top shelf (what my husband calls all the way buttoned up). Anyone else look at old pictures and think, “WHY did my parents let me wear that?!”. But all things considered, I think that’s when the love for button ups was birthed. 

Plaid, denim, flannel, chambray or classic, it’s hard to go wrong with this timeless style. They’re easy to throw and look put together without having to put a ton of effort into…and all the working girls said amen! I got this one from Old Navy, they always have a great fit.

I’ve never met a front tuck I didn’t like…but to change up that game I did a half tuck. And let me be honest, it was inspired by when Kaitlyn was The Bachelorette and she wore it, what a babe. I really like the messy tuck to make it more casual! 

In an effort to look less like 10 year old me, I paired this with some of my FAVORITE espadrilles that are just the comfiest. This is the first pair I’ve ever had and let me just say, I’m obsessed. Sometimes it’s just good to get away from the sandals or flats epidemic, and espadrilles do just that! 

There’s something so preppy and clean about this look that I love! In a top like this, it’s easy to feel put together and casual at the same time. Thanks for reading, friends! 



Photos: Kelsey Butcher Photography | Shoes + Top: Old Navy | Shorts | Belt: H&M | Sunnies: Ray Ban

White on White

The week after having a three day weekend is the BEST! I missed being at work; call me crazy, but I really did! I’ve got a busy week ahead, but I’m pumped for it. I’ve been wanting to tackle the “white on white” trend for a really long time, and was finally inspired enough to figure it out over Memorial Day weekend. So here are a couple of tips to rocking white on white!

The absolute most important thing is to make sure both pieces you are wearing are a true white! I took these pieces into natural lighting, because few things are worse than white and ivory. If you want to do ivory on ivory…do it! But white against ivory just looks like one piece is dirty.

If you’re nervous to go full on Kim K, start with a piece that has a white base with a pattern on it. It’s a little on the safer side! If you ARE going full on, be sure to add some texture to the top or bottom! I found this top at Old Navy (not available online, but I have seen it in stores). The little pom poms and embroidered detail adds a little bit of dimension to break up the very monochromatic look! This top also comes in black, but that’s not super helpful for the purposes of this post!


I loved pairing this denim jacket with it! You can tie one around your waist to break up the colors, or you could just wear it normally (don’t tell the hipsters I said that).


As far as shoes go, stay in the neutral family! Something too bold will stick out and honestly, the outfit sticks out enough on its own! These are currently my FAVORITE heels from Old Navy (again, in stores).

Lastly, add a soft color via accessories like these fun tassel earrings!

Any white on white outfit is a guaranteed showstopper, and very on trend! Be bold enough to try it! Happy Wednesday, friends!



Photos: Kelsey Butcher Photography | Top: Old Navy | Denim Jacket: Old Navy | White Denim: Dress Up |  Purse: Kate Spade (similar) | Shoes: Old Navy | Earrings: H&M | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: Dress Up

The Cold Shoulder 

Happy Hump Day! It’s half way through the week (of a holiday weekend) and I ended this day the best way I knew how, with a pedicure! At work, the end of the week is just FUN. I get to visit one of our stores on Wednesday, Thursdays are for photo shoots and Fridays are for bloggers! I mean, they pay me to do this kind of thing, sometimes it doesn’t even feel fair…but hey, I’ll take it!

If you can’t yet tell by my Instagram, I’m obsessing a little bit over the off the shoulder trend. Nathan is about to cut me off from buying anymore! Another fun fact about me: I LOVE chambray/denim. My favorite color is pink, but my favorite color to WEAR is blue. Sky blue, to be exact. If someone gave me a laundry bag made out of chambray, I would pull it off the shoulder and throw on a statement necklace.

With ALL of that said: I bring to you an off the shoulder chambray top. I bet you weren’t expecting that! I found this top at Old Navy and they have it in a DRESS too! It was perfect for church on Sunday with white, distressed denim that I got at Dress Up (they’re my fav) and some nude heels…also from Dress Up! One of my favorite color combos is sky blue, white and light pink. I typically don’t wear pink, but I always throw it in with my accessories. Whether it’s a Kendra Scott necklace or a cute little cross-body! It’s just so girly and sweet.

We are gearing up for Memorial Day weekend around the Page household, and it can’t get here fast enough!